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Your Wellbeing

 Each of us is wonderfully unique which is why this plan is designed to go at entirely your pace. We will consider all aspects of life such as; events, holidays, birthdays, seasonal holidays and celebrations so you don't feel like you're missing out on eating and drinking what you want!

This is combined with how much or little exercise you want to incorporate into your life too. 

If you like to calorie count we can factor that in and if you don't then we can use a more holistic approach.

Each session we have together can be different to the other. If one week you wanted to incorporate exercise we can add in a guided workout.

This plan is designed to be done weekly but if you would prefer to try it every other week we can.

You can also buddy up and do this with a friend/partner or a whole group of friends!

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    It All Begins with 30 Minutes About You!

    Create a Plan with What You Like To Do!

    Wellbeing Diary

    Evaluation & Planning

    The Wellbeing Diary will consist of you filling in a template of Wellbeing and Mindfulness, including:

    Planning for the Week

    Food & Drink



    Stress Rating of the Day

    We will go through this together and make plan for how to improve it, week by week making big or small adjustments over time at the pace you want to go at.

    Everything will be documented so you can reflect back on the changes

    you've made and to see what you have improved. 



    Guided workouts work your entire body, involving strength, cardio and core muscles.

    They are routines for 30 minutes to:

    Boost Fitness Levels

    Release Endorphines

    (the happy hormones)

    Leave You Feeling Energised

    Personal Training Sessions are an option for people who want a more tailored approach, lasting 30-45 Minutes targeting specific areas and focusing on

    what you enjoy to get you feeling fitter and healthier!


    Incorporating Minfulness into your daily lifestyle can help reduce stress and anxiety. It compliments the other aspects of the Wellbeing Plan and lends itself to a more holistic approach to health and fitness, allowing you to take it at your own pace and making changes and adaptations as and wheny you want to. 

    Including Mindfulness into our daily lives and Wellbing would include:


    Food Diary Planning and Evaluation


    Breathing Exercises

    How and Where we eat our food



    The Wellbeing Plan is a mindful and gentle approach to a healthy lifestyle.

    Looking at how to add more fruit and vegetables into your daily meals and incorporating exercise and mindfulness if you want to.

    We will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions to improve your wellbeing. 

    Wellbeing Diary

    Food Diary Analysis

    Education & Consultation

    Get Your Metabolism Working

    Eat 5-10 Portions Fruit & Vegetables a Day

    The Workouts

    Chose From These Guided Workouts:


    Upper Body/Lower Body Strength

    Whole Body Workout


    Upgrade to a 45 Minute Personal Training Session Tailored to You

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