Your Fitness

Yes, Walking to The Shop to Buy Chocolate Counts as Exercise*

*As Long as it's a Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes!

Each 1 Hour Session Contains:

Warm Up

Full Body Workout Including Targeting Specific Areas

Cardio, Strength and Fitness Analysis

Cool Down


We will devise a whole body plan working each and every muscle.

Focusing on particular areas that you want to improve, making sure you feel well worked out!


We will look at balance and techniques from Yoga and Pilates.

Your abdominals will get a complete workout!


Our Gluteals are often forgotten about but are very important for good posture and movement. We will engage them and wake them up! 

We Can do the Workouts Anywhere that Suits You!

After the School Run

In Your Lunch Break

In Your Garden

On the Beach

In the Park

With or Without Equipment!

You Pick the Type of Exercise...

And the Setting...

With Demonstrated Exercises...

Suitable for All Ages!

Grab a Mat, Put on Your Favorite Tunes, Set up a Timer and Lets Go Work Those GLUTES!

Make Sure to Warm Up First

Workout: Do each EXERCISE for 30 Seconds with 30 Seconds REST in between.

Repeat through 3 Times.

SIDE LEG RAISES LEFT LEG lie down on your side and use arm out in front for balance, keep body in one line


DONKEY KICKS LEFT LEG get into an all fours position, take your left leg off the floor, create a bend in your knee and and kick it into the air behind you


SQUATS lower down as if you were sitting into a low chair making sure your knees stay pointing outwards

PLANK  from feet or knees onto hands or elbows