Our Overview

Welcome to All Stations Fitness!

I'm Laura a qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer based in Worthing, West Sussex!

But don't worry all of our plans can be done in person or via video call!

Structure Vs Organic

We have a plan for every body. If you want a strict timetable to get

you out of bed doing a sweaty workout before work we can make it happen!

If you want to wake up with a cup of tea, yoga and some breathing exercises we can do that too!

During our consultation we will work out what works best for you. During our weekly check in we can make changes to any element of the plan, making each week the way you want it and making sure you achieve your goals:

Feeling Stronger

Strength Training

Easy Healthy Meals from Your Kitchen Cupboards

Losing Weight

Gaining Muscle

Improve/Begin Running/Cycling


More Time for You

Calming Your Mind and Body

A Plan that Works All Year Round

Laura - Personal Trainer


All Stations Fitness Founder

Hi! Thank you for coming to find out more about All Stations Fitness!

I started my Fitness and Wellbeing journey when I discovered I was allergic to Gluten. I found out when I was in my twenties and it was quite a surprise. That was when I realised the importance of eating properly and exercising. 

Cut to research, running, weight lifting, yoga loving, 5 years later and here we are!

Whilst on my journey I discovered that there were so many people that had similar issues and I wanted to help them too. 

By using what people had in their cupboards I found I was able to help them make healthier decisions when it came to meal times, feeding them and the whole family!


I have worked 6 day weeks and shift hours, knowing how important it is to cater for every body, not just 9-5!


in seasonal holidays, celebrations and Saturday night take-aways!

This is not a diet and you will not find that word anywhere else here! It is 100% about your Lifestyle and Wellbeing and how we can make small changes that have big impacts on your Health and Fitness!

What is Wellbeing?

Being happy and healthy within yourself.

We believe through exercise and good food you can look after your Wellbeing. This takes into account all

the things you encounter in your everyday lives:

Environmental Home, Work

Physical Exercise, Movement

Leisure Hobbies, Relaxing

Financial Income, Expenditure

Intellectual Reading, Learning

Emotional Content, Anxious

Social Family, Friends 

Spiritual Mindfulness, Thoughts

Client Testimonials

Body Revamp & Personal Training Plan Client

Laura has been extremely understanding and flexible when it came to
arranging my fitness and diet plan. I have some arthritis in my shoulder so
she adapted the exercises accordingly. With regard to my diet I have always
had an extremely sweet tooth, but making healthy alternative suggestions to
my diet and allowing me some treats has enabled me to have consistent weight
loss each week and also altered my metabolism such that I no longer get 'the
shakes' when I feel my blood sugar level dropping. All I can say is give it
a try and Laura will make it as fun and easy as possible!

Mrs. H, 54, Hove

Wellbeing and Running Plan Client

A few months ago I was feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. I knew I needed to do something but I didn’t know what...that’s when I asked All Stations Fitness for help and now I’m in a very good food routine (with treats allowed) and a fabulous tailor made running plan that motivates me to keep going and also allows for ‘off days’ which means I don’t lose momentum at all. Now I take selfies non stop and am starting to like what I see


Kimberley, 32, Epping