is just putting one foot in front of other lots of times! But it can be intmidating with fitness trackers, what type of trainers, pace and cadence to consider. This is for anyone who wants some advice on how to get started or how to improve their running. Training Plans are also avaliable. 

Our Overview

"Giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions to improve your Wellbeing."

Our aim is to help you to feel happier and healthier in yourself.

If you want a healthy routine to follow with a more relaxed approach, or some guidance on workouts and nutrition we have the plan for you!

The Wellbeing Plan 

is a more holistic approach. We will analysis your Wellbeing Diary containing food, drink, sleep, exercise and stress information. This will inform me of how to improve your wellbeing at the pace you want to.

The Personal Training Sessions

are tailored to you and what you want to achieve.

Whether it's feeling stronger, building muscle or improving your cardio and running for the bus!

The Body Revamp 16 Week Plan 

is a structured programme educating you and your body about food and exercise. Each week we will look at different areas such as; Macro and Micronutrients, Toxins and fueling your Metabolism.

Not sure which plan to chose 

let's build one together!

Consultations Include

Working Out the Best Plan For You

A Day in the Life of You 

Dietary Requirements

Food Diary

Fitness Evaluation

Putting Together Your Plan